The highest form of social service is to help human beings to develop to their fullest potential, to make them humane, compassionate and positive citizens. This principle led to the founding of the school in 1975 by my father, Shri Raghuvir Prasad in memory of his brother, Shri Girish Prasad. The school began with 3 teachers and 5 students in the house by my grandmother, Smt.Dwarka Prasad. It gradually grew and took shape due to the hard work of Shri R.B.L. Mathur, the first principal of the school.

The school grew to its present form under the wise leadership, dedication and hard work of Dr. Rameshwar Prasad, younger brother of Shri Raghuvir Prasad. Many important milestones were achieved in this journey-the school was recognized for Class X in 1984 and for Class XII in 1989.

The school has presently grown to teach 2300 students, and this is done by a team of 70 teachers supported by 20 karamcharis. It is the leading school of Bareilly and has all the facilities needed for the fullest development of the potential of young minds.

This has been possible due to the vision, hard work and untiring efforts of the present management, ably led by Ms Aparna Sharma. I, also congratulate Mrs Madhu Misra, our principal on this achievement.

I wish the school success in its mission. May God bless all the students to develop their fullest potential in life.

Mrs. Asha Joshi

President of G.P.M. College