The college attaches great importance to games and co-curricular activities and competitions. Children selected for Dramatics, Elocution, Debates, Art and Craft competitions must willingly make time for such college activities.

Participation in games is compulsory. If matches are arranged, students should strive to be a part of the college team and represent the college on such meets. Students should take time out to attend practice sessions.

The college organizes, as an annual feature, an Annual Day. All parents are expected to attend this function to encourage the children.

Student's are allotted Houses, to have House-wise competitions. Each competition carries points for the House and the House scoring the highest number of points will win the best house shield for the year.

Parents are requested to encourage their children to participate in these activities and encourage them by coming to witness the games. When students have to be present for an activity and they do not do so they will lose their chance of further participation in such activities.