Our Principal


To be an educator is to be able to influence a child’s learning in the nascent years of life – an immense responsibility and a task ridden with challenges. It is so because everything which is learnt and experienced at school will come to define almost everything about the life they will lead. Our responsibility goes beyond the horizons of mere academics and expands well into acquisition of knowledge, critical thinking and problem solving skills. We, at GPM College , strive to make this institution a better place for overall development of a child, taking steps in that direction every day. We assist students to become lifelong learners, be self directed, realistic and responsible decision makers..

The world is now revolving around technology where CHANGE is becoming an essential element to be accepted and adopted in our day to day life. Therefore our institution ensures that the environment within, supports collaborative learning methods and development of positive relationships with latest teaching methodologies which allows students to confidently engage in the world of future where problem solving, evaluating, working in teams and communicating are not only valued concepts but expected skills, attributes and capabilities.

As Martin Luther King Jr once said, “Intelligence plus Character, that is the Goal of True Education”. .

I am confident that our children would surely be amongst the best when they step out in the outside world tomorrow and would make their parents and this alma mater proud of their achievements.

Rashmi Sardana