Promotion Rules


Promotions are decided on aggregate marks of all the examinations through out the year. A child will not be promoted, if she/he fails to score satisfactorily in the last examination, even though the aggregate grades throughout the year are considered sufficient for promotion.

A student failing twice in the same class will have to discontinue his/her studies in the college.

The decision of the Principal with regard to the promotion of a student shall be final and binding.

Promotions are granted according to the rules prescribed by the Council for Secondary Education :

1. The decision of the Principal shall be final and binding on the student and his/her parents as regards the result of the student in the home examination and promotion of the student. The said decision shall not be challenged before any authority or court of Law.

2. The rules printed in the College diary given to the students, shall form part of this prospectus and shall be binding on the parents and students.

3. The rules, subject to such changes as may be made and communicated to the student/parent, from time to time and shall be binding on the student, till he/she continues to be a student in the college.

4. In case of any dispute, as to the meaning, applicability & interpretation of these rules, the decision of the Principal shall be final.