Every student is expected to be present at the Morning Assembly.

Late comers & absentees will not be admitted to their respective classes without the Principal's signature on the leave note.

Half-day leave will not be granted to students without an application signed by the parents. Once they come to the college they have to attend it for the whole day. They will not be allowed to go out of the college premises during college hours even during the recess time.

Parents and guardians are, therefore, particularly requested to co-operate with the college by sending their wards on the expiry of the sanctioned leave period unless a written permission for an extension of leave has previously been obtained. Such permission, however, is granted only for grave reasons.

Student should be regular in attendance. If a student continues to be absent for fifteen days, without the written permission of the Principal his/her name will be struck off from the College Rolls. A student should have at least 75% attendance of the total number of working days, otherwise he/she will not be allowed to apppear in the final examination.

Students who fail to report to the college on the first day of the academic session and have also not given notice of their intended delay to the college office will have their names struck off the rolls and vacancy caused will be duly filled. Their re-admission may be considered subject to vacancies existing/arising and full admission fees will be charged. Parents/Guardians are required to intimate the Principal in writing by registered post about the delay, if any.

The name of the student, whether promoted or failed, who remains absent on the first day of re-opening of the college will be struck off the rolls. This would also apply in case of other holidays.

Due consideration will only be given by the Principal, if a parent furnishes a valid reason for his ward's absence or has earlier applied for leave and it has been sanctioned.